Dây cáp mạng LAN Supra CAT 8


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Dây Cáp mạng Ethernet Supra CAT 8 STP PATCH RFHF

Supra Cat 8 Computer Network Cable – Astonishing performance!

Supra Cat 8 is one step ahead by providing a future proof cable, e.g. 40GBASE-T over one singel cable! It is used advantageously in TCP/IP and UDP applications where correct jitter-free data transmissions is critical, e.g. 4K and 8K video streaming, high quality music streaming (e.g. 32 bits @ < 700 kHz for some downloadable music), gaming, data centers and in-building installations.

HDBaseT is transmitted over 6A up to 100 m (328 ft) long, with 8P8C modular connectors of the type commonly used for ethernet local area network connections. From Cat 6A to Cat 8 the step is four times the bandwidth. Supra Cat 8 allows for 2,000 MHz(!) an incredible transfer speed providing for quality enhancing massive headroom. 

HDBaseT transmits uncompressed ultra-high-definition video (up to 4K), audio, power over HDBaseT (PoHDBaseT – up to 100W), Ethernet, USB, and a series of controls such as RS and IR.

Features and benefits

  • Performance better than “8.2” according to preliminary specification IEC 61156-10 – Astonishing future proof transfer speeds
  • Excellent NEXT (or crosstalk), very low dampening and mutual lead pair interference – Bit correct transfers
  • Low dampening – long cable lengths without signal degradation or voltage drops for PoE
  • Excellent shielding, both pair and total – Almost completely interference immune with very low pick-up
  • Low jitter, perfect timing – Very low bit stream timing errors gives low needs for error corrections, thus high transfer speeds
  • Bandwidth at 2,000 MHz – Buckle up because this is going to be a ride to remember …
  • Flame retardent, halogen-free – Allowed in public spaces and buildings
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